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Cuchufleta was formed in the year 2004 by the keyboardist, lead vocalist and songwriter, Gregorio Fonten. Gregorio's songwriting style is unique. Sometimes compared to Beck and Devendra Banhart, sometimes Los Jaivas and Manu Chao, Cuchufleta is a band with a fresh sound that is somehow retro at the same time. Gregorio calls it Rock 'N 'Dino, referring to his own version of Rock-Andino, a musical style made famous during the cultural resurgence in the sixties which mixes rock with South American ancestral music.

Whatever it is, it's awesome. And 27 Sound is proud to be the first to bring this incredible music to the US audience.

Go get some.


"It seems Fonten has found a sound that is as much his own as it is local....Our famous national identity seems to be no other thing than ATTITUDE"
- Cristian Valdivia, Sobre disco "Cuchufleta"

Cuchufleta sounds like you are in the middle of avalanche and as the rush passes, the impact comes out with a word the dictionary lacks."
- David Ponce, Emol

"In the context of our music, Cuchufleta simply is one of the most interesting and unclassifiable bands i have ever heard."
- Héctor Aravena, RockAxis

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